Event Tech Live will help you to gain better leads and greater ROI…..

ETL uses Konduko a contactless lead capture technology that utilises touch points and a lead capture app. It allows the immediate share of marketing content and contact details between exhibitors and attendees with a simple tap or scan.

At ETL we believe that having a contactless event is important, especially in today’s world where speedy transfer of information is paramount and gives a competitive edge to us, our exhibitors and attendees. Konduko technology negates the need for costly and cumbersome brochures and leaflets – which let’s face it rarely make the journey back to the office. The contactless tech ensures that as an exhibitor you receive your leads all in one place and in real-time. Visitors then receive a daily rundown of the companies that they had an interest in, with a direct click-through to marketing materials. Quick, easy and green!

Access to Konduko will be available a few weeks before the event and login details will be sent to you directly from noreply@konduko.com so please ensure it is on your safe sender’s list.

Please follow this link to our webinar in order to find out how to populate Konduko before arriving on-site

Key Benefits of Contactless Lead Capture at Event Tech Live

Never lose any leads, even when busy

Every exhibitor will receive a touchpoint on their stand at ETL, so even if you’re busy with another attendee, other attendees can still tap your touch point to receive your marketing information and exchange details.

Save on brochure printing and logistic costs, enhancing your green credentials

There’s no need to print marketing materials anymore, as all content can be uploaded to Konduko and shared digitally – reducing waste and ultimately making things easier for you and the attendee. No one wants to carry leaflet after leaflet around – just ask visitors to tap your reader or give their badge a scan on your app.

Save on post-event administration, your leads are all in one place

Gone are the days of scrambling to find business cards that may (or may not) have been left in a hotel room. We’re even saying goodbye to handing in your scanner at the end of the event and waiting for your leads to be sent to you post-show. With Konduko lead capture is real-time meaning that you can access your leads at any point (even during the event).

Qualify leads from your smartphone

Simply scan a visitor badge to retrieve their contact data (whilst sharing yours) and add individual notes against each lead. Making it easier for your sales team to find those “hot” prospects.

Multiple users and touchpoint.

You can upgrade your stand package to include multiple touchpoints and/or apps (at the moment your stand will come with 1 x app and 1 x touchpoint if exhibiting physically). This means that you can separate different products and services on your stand and include a dedicated reader with dedicated marketing materials – qualifying leads even further.

Virtual exhibitors gain a physical presence

All virtual exhibitors will also receive 1 x touchpoint on our virtual wall meaning that in-person attendees will be able to access your data on-site too. No one misses out.and 

ETL’s seven-step guide to contactless lead capture success

1) Make sure noreply@konduko.com is on your safe sender’s list

2) Look out for your login email 3 weeks before the show. This will be sent to your nominated point of contact/event admin for ETL.

3) Log in to your desktop account to populate your reader (or readers) with content including images, brochures and team contact information.

4) Download the Konduko app and activate using the code under “app” in the online dashboard.

5) If you have upgraded to multiple app licences, share the activation code with your team and ask them to download the Konduko app.

6) On-site at ETL scan attendees’ badges using your app and encourage them to tap their badge onto your touchpoint (multiple taps or scans by the same attendee will only show as one lead)

7) Download all leads captured from your Konduko desktop account and pass them to your sales team to start generating business!