JUNōO allows you to ignore limitations and forget about distances; it’s time to reimagine the future of digital events

Through the perfect blending of human connection and leading technology, JUNōO combines left- and right-brain thinking to disrupt the stereotype of what digital events are. Born from the intersection between technology and design, their immersive digital experiences have catapulted them from tech startup to industry leader. The results are exceptional events that pulse with both powerful functionality and a multitude of beautiful moments.

Joining forces in spring 2020, co-founders Marta Urbanowicz and Jordan Benson are passionate about providing a groundbreaking way for clients of all sizes and industries to put on one-of-a-kind events that push the boundaries of what is possible. “We’re engineering experiences that are unique to each client. So instead of working with something that comes out of a box, we’re committed to reimagining new worlds for everyone, however they envision it,” says Benson, a technical event executive and owner of EPiQVision. “There are a million things we can do.”

While this might sound like a huge task for the digital experience agency, JUNōO’s incredibly robust portfolio of services makes this dream a reality. From 360-degree immersive environments to augmented reality, 2D spaces, and everything in between, there are no boundaries to what clients can create. These offerings, combined with JUNōO’s fully integrated secure video conferencing, chat, networking, and gamification features, makes it possible for any client to find what they’re looking for.

“I think the most exciting thing is that this goes beyond watching an event on screen —  you’re actually an integral part of it,” muses Urbanowicz. Known for her transformative event design work with Artam Design, Urbanowicz is extremely passionate about the possibilities.  JUNōO can transcend the temporary measures that currently exist in the live events sector. “By offering tons of clickable moments for our clients, we’re able to make them a part of the environment. Now, guests can play in and interact with their environment and everything in it, instead of simply staring at it.”

The most exciting thing about JUNōO’s transformative vision for live events is that it creates human experiences. By emphasizing accessibility, it’s able to bring people together from all over the world by providing innovative ways for them to touch, explore, and feel like they are part of your vibrant event. With no boundaries, JUNōO makes it possible to trigger real emotional connections between you and your guests, sparking curiosity and excitement that leads to more meaningful interaction with every part of your event.

Urbanowicz seconds this idea. “As people who have invested so much of our time into helping design and execute events, we understand the importance of offering specific features to each individual client. This is what makes us different — we’re not a cookie-cutter solution, but a tailored, human-centric team that deeply cares about your vision for your unique experience.”

So as the events industry starts to emerge and shake off the cobwebs, JUNōO is ready to catapult  it into the future.

Urbanowicz and Benson are dedicated to reinventing events by blending their technical and visionary approaches to build new virtual worlds for creating connections that feel futuristic and distinctly human. “We don’t believe in boundaries or temporary planning,” Urbanowicz passionately declares. “We are the long-term solution that is not here to compete but rather to encourage a strong sense of belonging, learning, and connection.”