In-seat ordering makes sense for social distancing and for the future

When venues reopen, the logistics will change a lot, human interaction will be limited and any queues or congestions prevented, including lines to the concession stands or snack and drinks kiosks. There are several options being discussed such as mobile ordering only, patrons then are directed for pick-up at a specific location, at a specific time, and so forth.

An alternative to mobile ordering/pick-up is an expansion of the type of service that is already in place for the suites and VIP areas in many venues/stadiums; in-seat or in-suite delivery. Due to the social distance seating already in place, delivery persons will be able to freely move through the rows in front of or directly behind the patron. Cashless payments will take place via mobile so no cash or card need be handled. The technology for in-seat exists and is already in use in many locations, the current situation should expand its usage.

Softjourn has been developing in-seat ordering solution for one of our clients who`ll participate with us to share some specific use cases and how their solution could be used for venues as well as how long it typically takes to get a new client up and running with in-seat ordering. After the presentation the audience will have a clear understanding on the realities/possible pitfalls of technically implementing in-seat ordering and the operations that would have to be in place to implement in-seat ordering.

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