Hybrid events set for 890% surge in popularity for UK businesses, study reveals

Event management company Maximillion have analysed over 250,000 historical and forecasted searches to determine what type of event will be the most popular with UK businesses in 2022/23.

The study is based on the total number of searches during lockdown, 1-year post lockdown & 1 year forecasted, for online, hybrid, and live events. The results show that since lockdown, Hybrid events are forecasted to be UK businesses’ favourite event – receiving an 890% search volume increase for hybrid event-related search terms.

Surprisingly, online-only events are expected to be the least popular business event according to data from lockdown to 2023 – forecasted for only a 160.416% search increase.

Type of EventSearch Data During LockdownSearch Data – 1 Year Post CovidForecasted Search Data From March 2022 – March 2023% Increase From Lockdown to 2023

Most & least popular type of event for businesses during lockdown:

Most = Online with 31,561 searches

Least = Hybrid with 7,510 searches

Most & least popular type of event for businesses 1-year post lockdown:

Most = Hybrid with 11,355 searches

Least = Live with 6,171 searches

Most & least popular type of event for businesses forecasted search data:

Most = Online with 74,000 searches

Least = Live with 44,000 searches

After analysing 63,000 searches forecasted over the next 12 months for Hybrid events, the study also found that Hybrid events for businesses will be the most popular in London. Please find below, the top 10 most popular places for Hybrid events in 2023:

Top 10 Most In-Demand Cities For Hybrid EventsNo. of Forecasted Searches to March 2023

Mike McCloy, Senior Account Manager for Maximillion said:

“Without a shadow of a doubt, the pandemic has challenged, shaped, and revolutionised the events management industry to its core. But now, this sector is faced with a new challenge:  How do physical and live events remain relevant in a post-covid world? I believe the answer lies within the digital sphere.

Live events must have both an online and an in-person presence if they are to remain relevant. Nowadays, event organisers can now stream videos of events and services to a global audience for little to no cost, thanks to video streaming platforms. Additionally, the use of online media channels to promote live events and engage with audience members is an important factor in ensuring your event’s success. 

Simply put, the digitalisation of live events is crucial in 2022.”


Maximilian used the online keyword data platform Ahrefs to find the number of searches during the pandemic and 1-year post lockdown for the terms, online event, hybrid event & live event.

Data was then collected using Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched for type of event 12 months in advance. Once this data was collected, the data was then analysed still using Keyword planner to determine where in the UK hybrid events will be the most popular.

Once all results were collected, the data was then analysed to determine the most popular type of event across the UK & where specifically this event will be most popular.



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