Hubilo’s new marketing leadership team set to strengthen the brand in the virtual and hybrid event sector

Three new marketing leaders brought in to address the increase in client demands and growth within the event technology space.

Hubilo Technologies Inc, the virtual and hybrid events platform disruptor, has announced the formation of a new marketing leadership team, which feature three new members Liesl Leary-Perez, now Vice President of Corporate Marketing: Carin Chan, appointed as Senior Director, Global Product Marketing and Adam Wooley, hired as Senior Director of Global Growth and Marketing Operations. All three will report to Cathy Song Novelli, Senior Vice President (SVP) Marketing and Communications

The new leadership team is focusing on tackling the continued challenges of the different variants of COVID-19 by helping shape the new normal in events. However, providing a space to hold virtual events isn’t where Hubilo’s work stops. The new team is creating an inclusive space far beyond addressing demographic and geographic regions and the opportunity for continuous growth in the virtual and hybrid sectors.

“Hubilo is committed to fostering human connections through reimagined events. With the addition of these brilliantly creative, growth-minded marketing leaders, we are fast-tracking Hubilo’s ability to meet that commitment,” said Cathy Song Novelli, SVP of Marketing + Communications. “We intend to continue on our mission of offering Hubilo’s clients a deeper understanding of what drives engagement among their audiences and help create event excellence to yield better business results for their virtual and hybrid events.”

Hubilo’s newest marketing leadership members consist of:

​Liesl Leary-Perez, Vice President of Corporate Marketing:

With nearly 25 years of knowledge across the complete spectrum of marketing, Liesl’s core expertise lies in brand building and leading content, creative, and global communications organisations. Before joining Hubilo, she worked as the global head of corporate marketing at TTEC, global head of content marketing at SDL plc, and spent 20 years in international business strategy working for leading translation organizations. She is also an active corporate philanthropist, raising money for causes that promote sustainable economic development and diversity initiatives.

Carin Chan, Senior Director, Global Product Marketing:

Carin has over 15+ years of experience in B2B product marketing primarily focused on go-to-market strategy, competitive intelligence, marketing analysis, and customer marketing. Before joining Hubilo she launched many new products and drove growth on established product lines at leading B2B/SaaS organisations including Oracle, IBM, SurveyMonkey, SDL, and Rakuten. She holds a BS in Information and Computer Science from UC Irvine, an MS in Engineering Systems from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Adam Wooley, Senior Director of Global Growth and Marketing Operations:

Adam’s robust growth marketing background in SaaS B2B and B2C businesses includes over 15 years of global experience in scaling hyper-growth companies through demand generation and lifecycle marketing. Before joining Hubilo, he worked in product marketing at both Google and Microsoft/Yammer, as director of demand generation and customer marketing at Prezi, and was the senior director of lifecycle and marketing operations at Housecall Pro.

Aside from strengthening the marketing leadership team, Hubilo continues to look ahead by implementing new go-to-market teams created to exceed client demands. In a year, Hubilo’s customers have enabled over 10 million interactions through 50,000 plus virtual sessions. These numbers are expected to increase exponentially through the next year, with Hubilo being utilized throughout the world.