Hubilo prioritizes customer data security and privacy with AICPA SOC2 Type 2 ® Certification

Hubilo, the leading virtual, in-person, and hybrid event tech platform, completes its Systems and Organizations Controls audit and certification, demonstrating its commitment to building client trust and confidence in Hubilo’s systems. The SOC2 Type 2 ® report recognizes Hubilo’s practice of reliable, safe, and trustworthy management of client privacy and data security.

SOC2® compliance is part of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ System and Organization Control reporting platform. The reporting process outlines five trust service principles of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data as a framework for safeguarding data.

The examination process was rigorous. Over a six-month period, auditors regularly examined Hubilo’s security controls across the organization. Auditors not only analyzed Hubilo’s policies and procedures but ensured they were practiced throughout the organization to effectively safeguard the privacy and security of client data. Each and every security control was monitored, and auditors could demand evidence of correct practice at any time during the six-month period. Finally, the auditors reviewed work with the information security and compliance team and several other departments across the organization for the certification.

“While the risk can never be zero, the SOC2 Type 2® report ensures Hubilo has achieved the gold standard for securing customer data and that we have the controls in place to maintain security and privacy of their data,” said CTO and Co-founder Mayank Agarwal. “It also signifies that we have the proper policies and procedures in place and are implementing them to match the most stringent standards globally. This certification increases the trust factor for clients and customers.

“During events, there is a lot of data transfer, from personal information for registration to private networking conversations and more. Event professionals, and attendees, will know Hubilo has the measures and tools in place to protect their data.”

Hubilo’s data protection procedures include but are not limited to end-to-end encryption (In transit and at rest), continuous monitoring and reviewing of each data entry and exit point, audit of access management at regular intervals, an experienced security incident team, well-versed disaster recovery, and data back up procedures, and more. Hubilo will ensure that they manage to exceed their clients’ expectations regarding their data security and privacy requirements and will continue to have the process of external audit/reviews done for SOC2 Type 2 at regular intervals.