How to use augmented reality at events

Event Tech Talks’ episode 3, series 2 sees host Adam Parry talking to Joel Olandesca, creator/co-founder of the self-explanatory SOS Charging Solutions and, topically, SOS WebAR, which is a browser route to immersive augmented reality and all its commercial potential. 

With a background in mobile technology, marketing and the money side of the events world, along with prominent positions at the ILEA, Joel Olandesca is another perfect fit for the programme.

Talking from his Calgary base, where it’s -25°c, incidentally, Joel fields Adam’s quickfire ‘who are you’ questions before digging into what augmented reality means for the events industry, how it’s used, how SOS is working with clients to integrate AR activations, what the future holds for the technology and more besides.  



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Las Vegas
May 1-2, 2024

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