#ETLVegas23 On-Demand: How to pick the right 1-on-1 meeting program for your event

One-on-one meeting programs are the most valuable part of any B2B conference and event. Vendors greatly value these programs as a way to meet potential new buyers – in a more intense and controlled setting than mere visitors to the booth. Prospective customers are what vendors seek and what they will pay for. A well-managed Meetings Program provides attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors with an opportunity to derive maximum value from their time spent at your event.

But choosing the right format for your specific events is an art, not a science. Get it wrong and your 1-on-1 meeting program could fail. The right type of program depends on the nature of your event and attendees and what your event goals are.

This session will talk through the different models of 1-on-1 meeting programs and map them to the types of events that would best suit your goals. This is a roadmap for choosing a program that will take your event to a new level.