How to host more meaningful, inspiring events online

The second edition in Event Tech Talks’ Season 2 sees host Adam Parry talking with Michelle Garrison and Daniel Moss, co-founders of virtual event optimiser We & Goliath, about ‘How to host more meaningful, inspiring events online’.

A serial entrepreneur operating in and around sustainability and community-building projects for some 20-years, Michelle’s projects have been picked up by the Boston Globe, Washington Post and CBS among many others.

Daniel is a senior event strategist who has designed digital campaigns for virtual and in-person events, replete with lead nurturing automation, omnichannel retargeting, and conversion rate optimisation.

They launched We & Goliath in 1999 to empower organisations to host more meaningful, inspiring events online. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, but working everywhere, Michelle Garrison and Daniel Moss have myriad answers to the question.

This episode starts with a tip about bonded internet and keeps on giving…