How to foster an engaged and connected event community

When it comes to event marketing, building a sense of community is of utmost importance. 

Having an engaged and connected event community can lead to more successful events and more satisfied attendees. To foster such a community requires a clear understanding of the importance of community building, as well as how to create a sense of belonging and connection among attendees. 

Here, we will discuss ideas for engaging and connecting with your event community so that you can take the lead in building and growing it. 

The Importance of Community Building 

Building an engaged event community is important because it helps create an environment of trust and camaraderie among attendees. A strong sense of belonging is essential if you want people to attend your events regularly and recommend them to their friends or colleagues. 

What’s more, having a strong event community also offers other benefits like increased registrations, improved word-of-mouth marketing opportunities, greater customer loyalty, and a higher revenue per attendee because of the potential for repeat customers and your customers doing your marketing for you. 

Creating a Sense of Belonging & Connection 

To ensure that your event community feels connected to one another and has a strong sense of belonging, there are several steps you can take. 

First, focus on making sure each individual feels included by focusing on activities that promote conversation and collaboration rather than competition. 

Encourage attendees to introduce themselves before starting group workshops or activities so that everyone gets to know each other better – it’s a simple step, but one often missed during the excitement of an event. 

Additionally, be sure to provide ample opportunities for networking throughout the event—for example, offer designated time for socializing or host an after-party where attendees can mingle in an informal setting. You could consider an early morning run or yoga sessions to help event participants meet in a more informal setting. 

Strategies for Engagement & Connection 

Once you have created the foundation for your event community by fostering a sense of belonging amongst attendees, next comes engagement—which is key if you want to keep those connections going beyond the actual event itself! 

To do this effectively it’s important to give your participants the tools they need to stay connected post-event; this could be as simple as a regular newsletter, or social media accounts dedicated solely to the event/community updates – make your community feel exclusive. 

Additionally, providing resources such as webinars or regular group chats can help keep members active even when they’re not at the actual events themselves. It’s also important that you recognize members who are actively engaging with others in the group; giving out awards or special recognition will encourage others in the group to follow suit! 

Take the lead and build an engaged community

Taking the lead in building and growing an engaged event community doesn’t have to be difficult, though it takes some serious commitment and effort on your part to ensure continual engagement. 

By focusing on creating a strong sense of belonging among attendees while using strategies such as networking opportunities, online forums/ groups, and rewards programs, you may set yourself apart from competitors while ensuring that your events remain successful for years ahead!

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