How Incentli drives event engagement and exhibitor ROI through gamification

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In today’s world, most people struggle to remain engaged for an event. As people’s lives become more fast-paced, their ability to stay focused during an event has dwindled. This decrease in attention span means event professionals are becoming more invested in event engagement solutions. Without an engaging experience, event providers risk decreased registrations and sponsorships, putting their event in jeopardy.


Some event platforms are introducing gamification to tackle this problem, but many miss the mark. They usually consist of a leaderboard, are passive in nature, and only appeal to a minority of attendees. Other platforms are introducing games, which may be “fun”, but have little or nothing to do with conference actions that actually make an impact. That’s why you need a tool and a strategy that builds motivation for an event, has broad appeal, and will boost the ROI of the exhibitors and sponsors. Here’s how Incentli is doing it.

Incentli is an embedded, platform agnostic event gamification engine that rewards attendees with virtual coins for participating in an event. The coins can be spent in a rewards store populated by either event organizers, exhibitors or both. Players earn coins for specific actions, such as attending sessions, networking, answering polls, submitting surveys, and engaging with exhibitors. However, our open API also let’s you award coins for anything, like actions on integrated platforms such as eCommerce sites, or award coins manually for things like social media promotions. This allows you to create a comprehensive engagement strategy based on custom coin earning rules.

Increasing registrations for an event is a top priority for you. With Incentli, you can award people virtual coins for nearly anything. Award individuals just for registering at the event, use our “Refer a friend” system to reward players for successfully referring a friend, or even give players coins for completing pre-conference activities like filling out their profile or attending a webinar. Similar strategies can be used to drive post-event engagement, which not only extends the value of the event, but also lengthens the time exhibitors can connect with attendees and collect more leads.

The coins can be spent in a dynamic rewards store populated by exhibitor or sponsor items and opportunities. As the players interact with these items through direct purchases, raffle draws, auctions, and fundraisers, the exhibitors and sponsors have the opportunity to put their products and services in front of a targeted audience to collect leads. For advanced targeting, players can be segregated into different Teams, each with their own unique rewards store. These stores provide exhibitors with an additional way to connect with attendees, create new marketing opportunities, generate more leads, and improve ROI. 

Incentli’s suite of tools allow players to easily obtain their rewarded items, including “Automatic”, “Requires approval”, “Digital downloads”, and “Shipping Integration”. This broadens the scope of what event organizers and exhibitors can offer in the reward store. Exhibitors are also encouraged to offer products and services as incentives rather than swag. Few customers are won with water bottles and flash drives, so by getting creative in what items or opportunities you offer, you’ll find a more sustainable approach to your swag and giveaways.

Incentli has two event leaderboards that will help boost engagement: competitive and collaborative. Competitive leaderboards have players compete to earn as many coins, while a collaborative leaderboard has teams collectively earning coins to compete against each other. Both leaderboards are resettable, which means new players and teams have a chance to earn the top spots on a more frequent basis.

Ultimately, a meaningful event gamification strategy should support sustained engagement across a larger digital ecosystem. Additionally, it should provide an equitable experience for virtual, in-person and hybrid event attendees. Incentli’s use of a virtual currency for event-actions allows it to support any type of event platform or event type.

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