How Emerging Technologies are Creating a new Digital Experience

Emerging tech brings together a constellation of technologies including XR, smart eyewear, game engines, natural language processing, Non fungible tokens and haptics. Together these emerging technologies create a new digitally mediated reality that will be pervasive in both B2C and B2B applications in meetings, events and conferences space. They are already shaping the future of media & entertainment, retail and education.

In this session, you will learn about:
– The difference uses and applications of emerging technology like AR avatars, Non fungible tokens, smart eyewear and AI.
– How technology convergence is changing how you create “experiences” at your next event – Where the future of Digital experience is headed
– How it will apply to both your work and personal life in the next 18 months

Learn about see real world examples of how Emerging technology is utilized at UNESECO, Ryerson University, Black Student Fund and Dell. But most importantly, this session will be highly interactive and you will get the chance for some hands on play with AR holograms that includes a special surprise Celebrity guest visit.