How COVID kill the webinar star

As the pandemic gripped the world in 2020, virtual events became the go-to sales channels for B2B marketers. And with sales staff suddenly unable to operate “in the field,” all eyes were on marketers to deliver those leads that their sales colleagues could not. 2020 was the time for marketers to shine.

But webinars were never the answer… Are they really the best option for getting qualified leads in the pipeline, or are they simply an outdated, time-consuming and budget-sapping activity that’s been done to death?

In this session, Spencer Green, founder & chairman of GDS Group, will discuss the limitations of webinars (poor ROI, little interaction, low conversion rates etc) and explore how a new studio based, production-quality approach to digital events enabled GDS to not only maintain its events portfolio during the pandemic, but to grow revenue by an additional 30%.

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