How can technology enable safe events?

In the post-COVID world of sports and large event venues attempt to reopen under social distancing and reduced capacities, bolster their preparedness, primarily for safety reasons, but also to maintain revenue as patrons are becoming increasingly aware of the need for secure events, and must trust a venue’s security before deciding to attend.

T4S addresses the newly emerged needs of the entertainment and sport venues, offers interoperability with legacy systems to build increased situation Awareness for safeguarding physical distancing.

In case of an emergency in a stadium, arena or other large facility, large crowds need to evacuate in a short time, often under adverse conditions such as fire, smoke, or absence of light. Current safety procedures are plagued by paper-based, outdated evacuation plans, insufficiently trained personnel, and lack of sufficient situational awareness. Static evacuation plans are of low value in actual stressful conditions, where human behaviour is unpredictable.