Hot Potatoes and Hot Takes on Pandemic Innovation

Since the beginning of the pandemic the amount of “innovative” event tech startups and emerging products, and product enhancements have ballooned.

It’s overwhelming. And it’s hard to know what you should use.

There are so many options available that it can be hard to know where to start. Some are spectacular while others are ridonkulous. It’s time for a guide that gives We, the People, the information we need about these new technologies before implementation.

THE HOT TAKES & HOT POTATO MATRIX solves this problem by providing an opinionated list of all the Pandemic Innovation that was born into the event tech industry over the past year. All the platforms, tools, trends, solutions and services, categorized in one place. We’ve done our research for each company listed on our matrix so you can trust that actual Experience and Event Makers are providing you with real use data from each product or service.