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Adam Parry

Adam Parry

Higher education institutions across the UK and Europe embrace digital transformation for their event programmes to expand recruitment reach and enhance student and alumni event experiences

The higher education sector in the UK and Europe is now actively embracing digital transformation in order to support their recruitment drives, increase reach and engagement and enhance student and alumni event experiences, according to meetings and events technology provider, Cvent.

Cvent CMO Patrick Smith said: “In recent years, higher education institutions have begun to embrace technology to drive efficiencies, increase student engagement, manage alumni events, and grow revenue for their departments and institutions. During the pandemic, higher education institutions relied on virtual and hybrid events to connect, engage, and interact with their various stakeholders. Cvent’s event marketing and management platform provides marketers and event organisers within the education sector with the tools they need to support critical recruitment drives, alumni donation efforts, and deliver more impactful meetings and events, whether they be virtual or in-person.”

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