Have your cake and eat it – Don’t drop virtual to make room for in room! – Event Tech Live London 2022

Virtual events exploded in popularity through necessity, and are sticking around as they’ve proven their value within the marketer’s arsenal. The speed in which you can spin up and deliver a virtual event makes them a no-brainer for helping maintain event communities in between your physical events too.
Combined with the evolution of event tech – and event planner skills – it’s no longer an either/or decision about what type of event to run. Virtual elements sit seamlessly next to in-person events to expand audience reach and provide a wealth of insight and opportunities, year-round.
But is this opportunity being fully exploited? Are marketers missing out on ways to unlock new forms of value from these critical customer engagements? How can marketing and sales work together to maximise opportunities as buyer needs continue to evolve?
Glisser founder Mike Piddock will explore how we can optimise the audience experience from virtual and hybrid events to maximise lead and revenue generation, improve pipeline and enhance customer insight. You’ll learn:
– How to incorporate virtual events into an end-to-end demand generation programme.
– Examples of how enterprise companies are improving engagement levels and ROI from their virtual events.
– The future of virtual events, meetings and webinars – embedded into a brand’s own digital environment.



Event Tech Live
Las Vegas
May 1-2, 2024

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