Harness the Power of Technology to Transform Your Tradeshow or Exhibition

Harness the Power of Technology to Transform Your Tradeshow or Exhibition

In order to create an engaging and successful event experience, it’s important to understand the critical relationship between event design, integrity, and technology, not just buying an event tech platform because your boss said you need to. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how these three components interrelate and how to harness the power of event technology combined with event design and integrity to transform your tradeshow or exhibition.

You need more than just good technology to create a successful event experience. 

Effective use of event technology requires that you have an understanding of the underlying tradeshow or exhibition content, design and integrity. 

What is event design? 

Event design is about creating an overall structure for your event. It needs to be planned out in advance and include basic elements such as seating arrangements, room layouts, logo placement and branding as well as more complex elements such as activities and special features. Ultimately it comes down to your attendee (or sponsor and exhibitors) experience at your event. 

For example, you need to think about what sort of experience you want to offer your event participants. Consider what will make them most engaged, entertained and inspired when they leave your event. Will they want to come back for more? 

You could deliver the best content, speakers or new product showcases ever known, but if your event tech leaves them unfulfilled, not able to connect, consume or concentrate on sessions,  then it will fail. 

Developing a holistic event experience requires that you think about the needs and wants of your attendees. 

What is event integrity? 

Event integrity is ensuring that all elements of the event adhere to their original purpose and intent. This includes having high standards for event equipment, personnel and services. 

For example, if you plan on having a live presentation or panel discussion at your event, you should consider acoustics, utilising technology such as that provided by Silent Seminars for example, as well as how your sessions are recorded for those tuning in live or on demand, post event. 

Perhaps also, there is proof of your events integrity by the delivery of positive ROI for yourself, the event organizer, but also your sponsors, exhibitors and attendees. 

How does content, integrity and design make your event tech really shine? 

When you take the time to plan out the event experience, ensuring that all elements are in place and of high quality, your technology will be able to do its job and provide the experience you so desire.

Ultimately, if you know the experience you want to provide to your attendees, you can then shortlist and select the most suitable event tech to deliver on that experience. 

When it comes to technology, think beyond your networking platform – your event customer journey could include event registration, check-in, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities, real-time data capture, social media walls, hosted buyer or networking apps and platforms as well as analysis for organizers on their events performance.

There are many facets to delivering a successful event in today’s digital age. Through a strategic combination of content, integrity, and design you will create the ultimate checklist for what your event technology should provide. 

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