Grip x ExpoFP – Streamlining and simplifying the exhibitor management and floor mapping workflow for organisers

Event organisers and exhibitors can now benefit from an integration between ExpoFP and Grip which offers a new level of user experience, flexibility and efficiency for floor mapping and exhibitor services.

Grip, the event success platform, announces a new partnership with ExpoFP, the provider of interactive floor mapping and booking services for event exhibitors.

Within Grip, customers can now leverage powerful mapping, wayfinding, and location analytics to maximise the exhibitor and visitor experience at events. All of this functionality works perfectly in conjunction with Grip’s existing suite of event management, matchmaking and networking tools.


“We’re really excited to team up with ExpoFP and its powerful mapping technology,” said Tim

Groot, CEO and founder of Grip. “With over 60% of in-person meetings scheduled on Grip happening at the exhibitors’ booths, we wanted to do all we can to assist visitors in finding their way there. ExpoFP enables us to do exactly that.”

“We are very excited to partner with Grip –  the most sophisticated platform for event success,” said Ross Sudentas, CEO of ExpoFP. “Attendees can now find exhibitors on the floor plan in ExpoFP and seamlessly engage with them in Grip”.

“It was a top priority for us to simplify the visitors’ journey and help them find these AI-powered exhibitor recommendations using the map. ExpoFP helps us achieve exactly that for our clients and their attendees: a better user experience driving an even higher Return on Time.” comments Tim Groot, CEO at Grip.

In summary, this collaboration between Grip and ExpoFP offers:

  • Advanced wayfinding tools for finding booths, meeting areas, and amenities
  • Location analytics to determine hotspots, footfall and dwell times
  • On-map sponsorship opportunities to maximise revenue
  • CMS for updating the floor plan as your event grows
  • Reservation and booking system to facilitate rebookings

The integration is available immediately on an event-by-event basis. For more details, contact Richard Caelius – or Ross Sudentas –