Givergy launches subscription service – Givergy Unlimited (UK)

Givergy announced today the launch of Givergy Unlimited – an innovative, cost-effective annual subscription service allowing clients unlimited use of Givergy’s award-winning fundraising platform. Givergy Unlimited was created to help organisations minimise costs whilst maximising fundraising returns.

For a fixed annual cost, clients will receive continuous access to Givergy’s online fundraising features including; online auctions, pledge drives, raffles and prize draws, selling tickets or simply as a platform to communicate with supporters. In addition the package includes world-class customer support from a company with over 10 years experience, via the global community and support team, routine calls, live chat, educational webinars, and much more.

Clients who sign up to Givergy Unlimited by May 31st will receive an exclusive introductory discount, with potential savings of over £2,500 annually.

Julian Sykes, CEO of Givergy commented: “We’re very excited to bring this service to our existing and new customers. We want to offer incredible value and help clients maximise funds raised throughout the year and specifically on campaigns where they would previously have thought using a tech solution wouldn’t make sense. Now in addition to their main annual fundraiser, a summer prize draw or Christmas fair can all slot in under this package, which we’ve shown can have a significant impact on funds raised.”

Givergy is on a mission to change charitable giving worldwide by making it easier and more affordable for organisations to host fundraising campaigns online and in person. By providing a best-in-class experience for the organisation and supporters alike, it’s no surprise Givergy is the preferred platform to the world’s largest charities and has supported the likes of UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, Cancer Research UK and the NSPCC.