Eventscase launches EVA, the first AI assistant via WhatsApp

EVA (Event Virtual Assistant) is a new feature developed by Eventscase to enhance communication and interaction with event attendees via WhatsApp. In the initial phase, attendees will automatically receive a WhatsApp chat with a QR code for badging and event notifications, providing seamless access to essential information directly on their phones.

Additionally, EVA leverages Eventscase’s artificial intelligence capabilities to function as a trained chatbot. It can understand and respond to attendees’ questions using natural language, providing an intuitive and efficient means of communication.

The software company chose to debut this new feature at the MPI Iberian Chapter’s GMID 2024. Attendees received a QR code via WhatsApp for check-in and badge collection. After completing this process, an automated chat provided them with directions to session locations, information on various services, and details about the event’s agenda and schedule.

According to Mentxu Sendino, CMO of Eventscase: “It was essential for us to launch EVA at a real event. Given its characteristics and badging flow, GMID 2024 was the perfect setting to demonstrate where this functionality excels.”

EVA will not replace the Eventscase event app, even though some features overlap. Instead, it will enable more organisers to utilise these features without the inconvenience of the longer setup times associated with customised apps.

In addition, EVA will streamline event access by delivering attendees’ unique QR codes via WhatsApp, eliminating the need to download a new application. As an advanced AI feature, EVA functions like a ChatGPT for events, enhancing Eventscase’s artificial intelligence offerings.

This chatbot has the capacity to learn from all event information and can answer attendees’ questions, recommend sessions, and suggest connections with other attendees based on their profiles.



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