Event Tech Talk Show S2 E10: Jeff Campbell, Founder at Incentli

Live and direct from Canada, Jeff Campbell, author of two partnerships playbooks and founder of Incentli, a company committed to improving attendee motivation and engagement, fell into event industry from the e-Learning vertical.

Jeff’s background in education fostered his interest in online learner engagement and gamification. So much so, he started Incentli and built an integration with learning management systems (LMS). Ultimately, Campbell’s/Incentli’s goal is to make partnerships as easy as they can be, making him a perfect fit with this episode.

Across some 45 minutes of chat, host/Event Tech Live co-founder, Adam Parry, and Jeff Campbell dig down into the integration equation, with the equally successful and ‘agnostic’ Incentli a perfect case in point.

A clued-up collaboration – typical of the Event Tech Talks series – they talk imposter syndrome, tech stacks, connecting LMS to ecommerce platforms, driving attendee stickiness through partnerships and the energy from collaboration.  

From the difference between online learning and virtual events, timeframes and a useful burger parallel – the calendar year is bottom of the bun, events ‘the pickle’ – right through to what integration actually means, it’s all here.