Event Tech Live USA & Canada – programme revealed

Organisers have posted the content agenda, topics, speakers and panels, for the inaugural Event Tech Live (ETL) USA & Canada at https://eventtechlive.com/agenda/.

Among 100+ sessions, with input from companies and individuals right across the world, Henry Balen, co-founder of event management platform Grenadine, talks Back to the Future, Perhaps with three of the company’s clients who produced/hosted online conferences in 2020.

‘Why We Need Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in Events and the Role of Technology’, an evening session – we’re talking Central Standard Time – speaks for itself.

‘The Future of Event Marketing’ with Kathryn Frankson will see Informa’s event marketing director talking to tech evangelist Dahlia El Gazaar and ‘Leverage the New Virtual Sale’ is equally topical. There, certified Sandler trainer Eric Thompson will detail the differences between ‘old school’ and virtual sales and the commonality. An opportunity to see and consider the deficiencies in modern day selling and the alternatives.

Lauren Sommers, presenter of ‘A New Hybrid Normal’ session at Event Tech Live USA & Canada, comments: “I think it’s truly valuable to have a dedicated space for event organizers and producers, like ETL USA & Canada, that allows us to learn, network and grow.

“On top of my presentation, I look forward to taking the opportunity to learn from my peers, especially after this year.”

Matthew Franks, director of events at creative comms agency DRP Group, who hosts ‘Are Blended Experiences the New Norm?’ at the show, highlights the value of ETL’s concerted content programme.

“The pandemic has catapulted our industry and we are embracing technology better than ever,” Franks says. “Consumers expect tech to add value not just to serve as a gimmick.

“Event Tech Live USA & Canada is an important milestone and an opportunity to pause, to look at new opportunities and to take inspiration.”

So, be sure to have a good look at the agenda https://eventtechlive.com/agenda/ and book a ticket.

Event Tech Live USA & Canada, a three-day fully virtual show, runs from June 8 to June 10.