Event Tech: Extinction Engine or Salvation for Mega Trade Shows?

Our grand kids will think we were nuts. We’ll tell them that back in the olden days, we’d get on a plane to fly far away, schlep our luggage to a hotel, make a mad dash to get to our mega industry trade show, run around frantically for several days, miss out on most of the stuff we were supposed to see, not meet even a fraction of the other 60k or 100k people also there, and, then, we’d go home exhausted, believing we had accomplished our business goals. We all know that things have moved on. Forced innovation has lead to many experiments over the past year. What are the key critical elements for combining event tech with the trade show experience? What works and what doesn’t? How can event innovation be harnessed to make the trade show experiences even better?

There is no looking back. Janet Greco, founder and principal of Broadcast Projects, a marketing consultancy for the media industry, shares her experiences of innovating with the Media Meet & Greet series of events, merging attendee metadata with relevance matching to create a super-charged community based networking experience, with a mix of webinars, group networking and live 1:1 conversations that will serve to underpin virtual, hybrid and physical events long into the future.

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