#ETLVegas23 On-Demand: Tech Demo: TransPerfect

StudioNEXT is the world’s first collaborative recording management system (CRMS). Packing powerful functionality in a simplified UI and bringing unprecedented levels of flexibility, agility, scalability, and creativity through a centralized cloud platform, StudioNEXT encompasses all the technical capabilities for professional dubbing.

• StudioNEXT supports the adaptation and recording of local/remote talents, whether directed/self-directed, with quality controls in place and synchronous/asynchronous or sequential/parallel processes during the recording session; the different lines are part of a micro-lifecycle up to final validation.

• All activities among the stakeholders of the dubbing lifecycle are digitized. Activities include detection (frame-accurate mouth movement annotation), translation, adaptation with a lip-sync accurate rythmo-band, direction and recording, editing, and quality control. Changes in script and recordings can be performed at any time during the process—propagated immediately to all process stakeholders.

• StudioNEXT UI provides a simplified UI for non-technical talents and advanced capabilities for technically savvy talents, allowing scalability from the mix of owned studios and home studios and local and remote talent.

• Stakeholders can work concurrently in real-time to collaborate (video/chat) with the talent.

• StudioNEXT enables translators/adapters to create high-quality lip-sync adaptations and allows authors to test their adaptations through recording. More freedom for creative teams to do reviews and retakes seamlessly.

• Remote, in-studio, and hybrid operating models bring efficiencies (rythmo-band) and add agility through the ability also to perform tasks remotely (retakes). Real-time analytics and tracking for accurate progress status are also available for all talent, voice directors, and project managers.

• Multi-track configurable exports, including non-destructive editing, are available to the sound engineer in AAF format for full interoperability and mixing in the DAW. In addition, exports enforce the standardization of naming conventions for tracks and clips.