#ETLVegas23 On-Demand: Tech Demo: Jifflenow

With budget cuts, rising costs from inflation, and the pressure to do more with less, event organizers and marketing leaders everywhere are wrestling with how to meet the rising business expectations for corporate events. The secret is a meetings-focused approach designed to help companies build and advance pipeline.

Jifflenow’s eEvent software helps drive business growth at in-person and virtual events by helping teams effortlessly schedule, manage, and analyze B2B meetings and engagements at trade shows and conferences.

In this demo session, you will learn:

•The value of automating scheduling for inbound and outbound meetings and engagements

• How to ditch the spreadsheets and manage meetings and engagements at scale

• How it’s possible to configure Jifflenow’s eEvent software to meet your complex workflows and support a variety of engagement types and multiple user roles

• How meeting managers can easily set up various meetings, sessions, roundtables, and booth tours at an event

• How to report on pipeline created and advanced from engagement created at your events

• How to analyze your most effective events based on ROI