#ETLVegas23 On-Demand: Event technology for small events and the non-meeting planner

50-70% of the event market is made up of small events, yet the technology to service this segment of the market is far from settled. Existing technologies vary in their abilities to drive efficiency and gather data. While there is no shortage of options that can be utilized, there seems to be technologies that are too complex or too simple when it comes to small meetings.

In addition to the macro market dynamics that are pervasive coming out of the pandemic, there are nuances within the small event segment that are driving different approaches to the market that may be able to help solve for the problems.:

• Staffing Shortages
• Time management
• Data capture
• Risk Mitigation

No one solution seems to have solved for these perfectly. With no clear market leader, this session will explore state of Event Technology for Small Events and the Non-Meeting Planner and how the market issues being encountered at the small event level are being solved by a combination of technology and human support.

Within the evolution of technology and its adoption, the most efficient allocation of resources occurs when the human element of interaction is experienced, documented, and improved upon until the technology itself can autonomize. As technology companies vie for market share, those with human capital will be more attuned to the needs of the small event planners, the relevant suppliers that serve their events and how to make the interactions more efficient while capturing the most meaningful information in the most risk averse way.

By including the human element at this stage of the small event technology lifecycle, planners and suppliers will find comfort in relying on personal interaction to increase their comfort level in adopting the rapidly evolving technology. Doing so will make it easier for planners to plan their events, make it easier on suppliers to secure the business and accelerate the automation of the event process.