#ETLVegas23 On-Demand: Event technology at scale: Lessons learned from three years and 6,500+ events

The past three years have seen a whirlwind of change in the event technology industry. Event technology providers pivoted to accommodate virtual and hybrid event formats and new platforms emerged to meet evolving consumer demands. Event organizers were tasked with choosing the right combination of technologies to meet expanding event requirements and stakeholder demands. What was previously simple suddenly became complex and many event professionals found themselves in unfamiliar territory. Although the dust has started to settle, the long term impact of the pandemic on the events industry, and specifically event technology, is yet to be seen.

In this session, RJ Crowder-Schaefer, Head of Event Technology & Product at Bloomberg, will share key takeaways and lessons learned from implementing an event tech stack at scale. Over the past three years, Bloomberg’s Global Events Team has executed 6,500+ virtual, hybrid and in-person events, and annually manages 2,000+ events across 60 countries with engagement across 250,000 attendees and over 11,000 speakers. Join RJ as he dives into a specific list of what worked, what didn’t and how to approach technology as we move into the next chapter of the post-pandemic events industry.