#ETLVegas23 On-Demand: Event marketers’ new secret superpower is the data they bring

This session will focus on the yet untapped potential that event data provides marketers. This will include the impact on engagement pre-, during, and post-event, as well as measuring ROI to empower event marketers to justify the increased use of events.

eCommerce has done incredible things with data and analytics, driving impressive gains in sales and engagement through hyper- personalization. Event marketers are working hard to catch up and reap the same benefits that their counterparts have unlocked, yet there is still much to do.

A prime example- What did people actually listen to during a presentation? In days gone by, interest was gauged by the amount of people who sat in the hall during the lecture. But now? We can see at exactly what points during the 45 minutes attendees were actually listening, and what part interested different parties. We know what session they came from, what articles they read before, after and during, and what ads they were exposed to. We have a deeper understanding than ever before, but how can event marketers effectively turn this knowledge into actionable insights?

Until marketers start squeezing more out of the data they earn, the ways we assess ROI for virtual events will remain flawed and partial at best.

In this session, Renan Gutman, the EVP Product and Engineering at Kaltura, will share the best practices used for not only what data should be collected and analyzed, but what should and realistically could come next. Renan will share how Kaltura has been able to leverage data into increased engagement during their own flagship virtual event, Virtually Live! by Kaltura.