#ETLVegas23 On-Demand: Better together: Growth & event marketing

In this webinar series we will highlight how Growth and Events marketing teams work together and grow smarter about how they use events to accelerate the sales pipeline.

Who’s your favorite power duo? You know, a couple of people or things that are pretty great on their own but ,once they’re together, they’re unstoppable.

One dynamic duo of marketing departments is the combo of Growth and Events. While Growth works magic to drive demand to a brand’s product or service, Events craft exceptional webinars and virtual experiences that 75% of marketers profess to be top performing channels for demand generation.

Does your business have the dynamic duo strategy between Growth and Events to accelerate your sales pipeline? You will after this webinar!

Power up your own Growth and Events dynamic duo to
Set goals and expectations for your future events
Build and execute an “always-on” event strategy
Craft effective lead nurture plans for your sales team
Measure and achieve epic ROI for your events

Growth and Events, activate!