Digital Business Opportunities in the Federal Republic of Data Protection: A German glimpse on the post-Corona tradefair data market

World´s most notorious respiratory disease enforced numerous changes to the whole tradefair sector. But, as always, “crisis” and “chance” are closer than expected, especially when it comes to visitor´s data. If only you are able to adapt to these changes with ease. Just like adventics, a European company with headquarter in Germany – the heartland of European data protection.

Back in 2019, organizers all over Europe used to measure their success by sold square meters and entrance tickets. And all of them were not too concerned with collecting relevant visitor´s data. Now, initiating a exhibition restart means meeting numerous administrative requirements: All persons entering and leaving fairgrounds must leave their personal data. But what happens between these two points on the tradefair itself? What happens in case of a infection?

During “Lockdown 1” in spring 2020, this question has not left us. So we took our concentrated market knowledge, gained by our top selling contact tracing app scan2lead, and developed what we called the ‘FairTracing’ process. FairTracing, already in use successfully at various venues, helped to identify contact chains and transfer the data to health officials in accordance with data protection regulations. But: The data collected also provided unprecedented insights into visitor behaviour and presented hitherto undiscovered business opportunities. Adventics CEO Gunnar Heinrich describes this rethinking process in his lecture.