DAHLIA+ Agency announces learning course for event technology firms

Two-week sprint shows startups and veteran companies how to develop business, go to market and raise capital in the post-Covid U.S. market

Brand + experience + marketing firm DAHLIA+Agency announced the start dates for an educational course for event technology companies. The first two-week sprint of Launch Shift Go starts virtually on September 15, 2022. 

“In two weeks, we will cover what it normally takes months to years for event-technology firms and new-to-events technology professionals to learn about the categories, competition, buyers, influencers, channels, publications, strategies and tactics needed to decode the complex event landscape in the U.S.,” said course developer Dahlia El Gazzar.

Launch Shift Go provides event technology firms with a foundational understanding of the U.S. business-to-business event ecosystem and illuminates a path for market penetration and sustainable growth. The course will feature lectures, peer networking opportunities, and supplemental materials. The learning experiences are designed for busy professionals, featuring highly consumable content on a flexible schedule.

The faculty for the inaugural course features leaders in the global event-technology space, including:

  • Dahlia El Gazzar, DES, altMBA, ECC
    Tech Evangelist + Idea Igniteur, DAHLIA+Agency
  • Michelle Bruno, CMP, CEM, MPC
    Senior Strategist, DAHLIA+Agency 
  • Marco Giberti
    Entrepreneur and Investor, Vesuvio Ventures
  • Sourabh Kothari
    Co-Founder and CEO, Mindcurrent
  • Adam Parry
    Co-Founder, Event Tech Live

“The global events market is a huge opportunity for any event tech company. However, growing quickly in the right direction can be costly if not done correctly,” explained Adam Parry, co-founder of Event Tech Live. “I believe this platform will give event tech founders and suppliers the tools and knowledge they need to execute on their go-to-market strategy for the U.S. market.”

The course curriculum will cover a range of business development, go-to-market and funding topics unique to the U.S. event-technology landscape, such as:

  • State of the U.S. event-technology market
  • Product positioning
  • Industry exposure
  • Listening posts
  • Sales funnel and demand gen
  • Prospect engagement 
  • Partnerships and affiliate programs
  • Venture capital acquisition, mergers and acquisitions  

Launch Shift Go is the first-of-its-kind course designed specifically for event technology companies. Startups with limited funding, firms seeking a solid U.S. go-to-market strategy, companies needing to re-assess their current approach to the U.S. market and founders seeking financing and growth will find value in the curriculum.

“I see this as an essential exercise for all tech companies, whether they’re startups or have been in the market a long time,” said Marco Giberti, Founder of Vesuvio Ventures. 

“The times are constantly changing, and engaging in this relevant sprint will help tech companies stay on a solid course and not waste their resources or funds,” added Adam Parry of Event Tech Live.

Registration for the September sprint opens on July 21, 2022 at launchshiftgo.com/enroll. For more information, please contact program administrator, Shawn Cheng at shawn@dahliaplus.com.



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