CrowdPass launches new platform to restart the live event industry

CrowdGroup is putting live events back on track with an all-in-one software solution capable of managing COVID and post-COVID live-events through and through. Since the recent launch, CrowdPass has already had over one thousand users and has helped open the doors for a variety of events. Peace of mind for all involved – The CrowdPass Way.

Entrepreneurs Duncan Abdelnour, Lawrence Helfant, and Christopher Foote are proud to announce the launch of their new business venture: CrowdPass. After 5 years in the event industry, Abdelnour and Helfant recognized the need for new innovation in event management. With the outbreak of COVID-19, Christopher joined and the trio saw the urgency for a platform that put safety and security at the forefront of their mission.

“It’s never been a question of if but when and how live events will come back,” said Lawrence Helfant, Co-founder at CrowdGroup. “Safety and security driven through event management technologies are the door and CrowdPass is the key.”

CrowdPass’s unique software seamlessly integrates real-time event data with attendees’ COVID screening to manage events more safely, securely, and efficiently. Before the event, CrowdPass invites every attendee to register and submit their COVID test documentation or proof of vaccination. Users then sign in, complete a short health screening form, and upload their test results. CrowdPass compiles this data into an easy to navigate dashboard for event organizers to review. They can then approve or reject the attendee’s COVID documentation which will either provide users with a Green Check Health Passport or prompt them to resubmit their documentation. During the event, organizers can continue monitoring guests’ attendance with live event data right at their fingertips.

In addition to CrowdPass’ event safety platform, the company offers both at-home PCR testing and on-site rapid testing through its sibling company CrowdHealth to ensure full COVID coverage at any live event.