Checkerboard seating – a new reality when venues reopen?

Incorporating social distancing into seating is a popular but complex area, still not fully defined. Many ticketing platforms and vendors of venue mapping/seat picking tools are already working on, or have come up with ways to assist their clients to generate venue map layouts with spaced out seating, in various configurations.

From what we’re hearing – vendors are looking at handling this in different ways; creating the venue map with only social distanced seats available, waiting until people pic and then blocking out seats around them, or using a seat picking tool’s “best seat” picking algorithms by adding additional capabilities and rules to create the required distances.

While technically possible to create a socially distanced venue map, allow patrons to pick seats, there are so many other areas that need to be considered for dealing with social distanced events. Event organizers are also thinking about those persons who may buy tickets together and then swap out and sit with other people that they do not live with. Softjourn has been looking into this too, as we have venue mapping/seat picking tool that we’ve developed and kept enhancing with new functionality, like best-seat algorithm. We`ve already defined the logic and modified the best-seat algorithm in our reserved seating tool and are trying to come up with a set of rules/changes that could be applied to other system’s best seat algorithms with minimal effort.