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Event planning is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Whether it’s virtual, hybrid, or in-person, it is a complex project that requires a wide range of expertise. You must streamline every step while ensuring that nothing falls out of the line.

A successful event does not happen by accident. It is important for an event planner to rely on strategy and process especially if you are working on a tight schedule. Canapii makes the entire event organization easier to manage – from registration to post event analytics, our digital tools and solutions allow you to streamline your entire event organization — all in one place. Canapii is accessible to everyone, whether you are looking to host a small online workshop or a large-scale conference.

  • You can create multiple tickets and registration links, customize welcome and confirmation emails and capture attendee attributes and questions right from the start.
  • We provide an integrated registration process which allows for on-site registration check-in for all events.
  • Sessions and events can be duplicated to save valuable time. Multiple administrators can manage an event, with restrictions in place as to who can do what. 
  • You can automate some tasks within the Canapii platform such as sending automated emails confirming registration, event reminders leading up to the event, and many more.
  • Canapii’s microsite feature allows you to create your own event landing page. A great way to provide your attendees with an overview of your event. Include your ticket links, speaker bios, event agenda and any important event information.
  • Our comprehensive sponsor zone allows you to include company information, boilerplates, images & videos and so much more! By creating sponsor admins, your sponsors can also have access to view their own analytics by giving them exclusive access to their individual sponsor zones. A valuable tool for your event sponsors to help them track their ROI.
  • Provide your attendees the convenience and flexibility of having the event right at their fingertips with the Canapii mobile event app.

Freeing up your team’s time with Canapii’s powerful features allow every member to give more attention to functionality and creativity rather than mundane tasks that don’t contribute to the impact of the event. Moreover, Canapii prides itself with a management group that knows how to handle unforeseen situations such as a volcano erupts in the middle of an event, when the airport closes, and knows not to panic when a demonstration turns violent just outside the event venue. We are a diverse team literally spread across time zones globally, available 24/7 to help and guide you through the process from planning to execution. We operate a close-knit, inclusive working environment, where ideas are valued, and everyone is treated with respect to achieve our goals through teamwork. We truly care about creating innovative event experiences and meaningful relationships amongst our clients around the world.

BMG is a key example of when Canapii came to the rescue in short notice! During the Covid-19 pandemic, BMG needed an interactive virtual platform to host their Christmas party, which due to the covid-19 pandemic, would include employees from across Europe and various departments for the very first time! BMG fully utilized the breakout rooms and content options available, with various activities such as live cooking lessons and quizzes to participate in or hang out rooms for those who just wanted to chat or enjoy music. A special element of the party was the live DJ sets which not only allowed attendees to get in the much-needed party vibe but allowed BMG DJs to play their music to real live audiences for the first time in a long time. There was still 100+ active on the platform well into the after-party hours!

Using purpose-built tools for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events can help you maximize your event’s potential. Canapii’s event management platform is designed with simplicity and comprehensiveness in mind. At Canapii, we know that it is the details that matter, not the gimmicks. We truly understand the importance of creating memorable event experiences. Curiosity, innovation, and customer closeness are the pillars driving our success. 

Find out more how Canapii can help you host and deliver successful events, get in touch with our event experts today! 




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