Building and driving one of the biggest agile communities of 25K – ETLLondon22

We are now approximately 24.5K community TCS members with around 11K active unique users for the last 3 months. Some of the members are the Europe/UK CMO, the head of UK, account leads, agile coaches, scrum masters, BAs, developers, testers, etc. based in 5 continents.

The community has a flat structure and it is cross-functional, which has created a collaboration independent of geography, roles, functions, experience levels or any other company constraints that might be there.

“A place where people are encouraged to feel confident and safe to share their best” . The community rating of the value creation to participants is on average 4.7 out of 5 and 95% satisfaction rate of the community virtual sessions.

With this session you will be able to get inspired to build an AGILE community of practice. A key to an agile mindset within a company is sharing, learning, and inspiring each other.  Today is the best day to kick off a new community or to support an existing one. Shared knowledge will build on the companies existing common knowledge and inspire for change and innovation.