Back to the Future, Perhaps

In 2020, we saw the pandemic forcing conferences and conventions to convert to on-line offerings. As with other providers in the conference planning space, Grenadine incorporated technologies to help customers and end users alike. Our platform assists planners with the pre and at conference organization. 2020 saw us add integrations to help enhance the online experience: various video delivery technologies (including Zoom) along with chat, Q&A etc.

We will be talking with three of Grenadine’s customers who produced online conferences in the past year. Brian Yannish was one of the organizers/producers of a 13,000 teachers convention that went online, Audra Peck and her team took the Space Educators Conference online for over 1,000 National and Global educators, and Marie-France Watson from Concordia University was involved with multiple online events and conferences. We will discuss what challenges they faced, what worked and did not, and lessons learned. Then we will discuss the future of events, and how we expect see some form of hybrid (mixed online and in person) sessions happen in most future conferences and conventions.

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