Are we asking too many questions at registration?

When booking a first-class flight, you are typically asked 13 questions, yet you spend personally thousands of dollars. When signing up for platforms like Hubspot, it is often just 3. When registering for a trade show, on average you’re asked over 23 questions and if you use a new platform or provider the next year, you’ll likely be asked those same questions again.

Are we asking too much of our attendees? Or are they rewarded with an engaging first-class experience with our events, because they gave you their inside leg measurements? Or, can we break the norm and build better experiences for attendees of the future?

So many questions that we look to answer through this panel discussion with trade show professionals Stephanie Selesnick, Jo-Anne Kelleway and Matt Coyne.

Everyone is chasing the utopia of the perfect blended experience between in-person and online events and this panel will strip things back to the beginning; the first time someone engages with your event, registration. They will discuss the ebb and flow of registration questions, how much is actually-needed and whether or not we can streamline the registration process for the future to create better experiences for event participants.