Allseated raises $15 Million to deliver corporate metaverses

Allseated announces $15 million in new funding from Trinity Capital, Vestech Partners, NYFF, Magma Venture Partners, and WGG to further scale its metaverse platform, to expand beyond events, into corporate use. The new funding will boost Allseated’s revenue growth and product development.

The Metaverse

The metaverse, expected to be a $1 trillion market opportunity, brings new ways to connect people in immersive experiences. It gives users a sense of presence in virtual environments and enables new ways to communicate, explore and engage.

“The ways in which we work and play have changed forever, and the metaverse will significantly disrupt how people and brands interact and engage. Almost every CMO and HR leader we talk to is looking for ways to harness the power of the metaverse, and to drive new engagement paradigms with their customers, employees and partners. New use cases and opportunities are rapidly forming and the possibilities are endless,” Yaron Lipshitz, Allseated CEO, said.

Allseated’s Metaverse Solution

“Our platform has the unique ability to create metaverse environments to bring employees together, power lead generation, and support sales acceleration. Our visionary team has brought a new experience to a market craving innovation beyond the 2D screen,” Daniel Anisman, Allseated Co-Founder/CTO, said.

The rapid growth of Web 3.0 presents Allseated, a recognized market leader in the event visualization and execution space with thousands of paying customers, exciting new opportunities to transform the ways in which corporations engage in the metaverse. Very different than the B2C providers, Allseated’s B2B metaverse offering is helping companies to power internal and external engagements while supporting their brand identity.

The funding will supercharge Allseated’s 120% 2021 revenue growth into 2022 with the team recently expanding from 40 employees to 120 worldwide.

San Francisco based Nfluence Partners served as financial advisor and Fenwick and West as Legal counsel.