6Connex is transforming the events industry

6Connex is transforming the events industry with a sophisticated, all-in-one event technology platform that makes it easy to manage and host successful events at scale and in any format. From pre-event registration and promotion to post-event reporting and analytics, 6C technology enables marketers and event planners everywhere to easily create a custom blend of in-person, hybrid, and virtual events that deliver a unique experience to event attendees across the globe.

The 6Connex virtual environment platform expands your event beyond the physical space. This technology enables you to create and curate captivating virtual environments for online programs, conferences, trade shows, job fairs, fundraisers, and more that connect people worldwide, increase event engagement, and yield a significant – and recurring – event ROI. It’s much more than just a single, one-off event, it’s an essential solution in your organization’s marketing technology stack.

Flexibility and adaptability

Regardless of whether you’re planning a thought leadership conference, a virtual town hall, or even a sales kickoff, you can easily create a fully branded, multi-use virtual event space that is accessible 365 days a year from any location worldwide, and a diverse Open Universe of integrations enables you to connect your preferred in-house tools to 6C technology and create a customized solution. Discover the ultimate in event planning flexibility with 6Connex’s fully integrated, turnkey virtual events platform.

A New Era of Engagement Through Advanced Event AI Technology

Audience engagement is the #1 challenge when it comes to virtual events. 6Connex offers thousands of ways for event producers to increase audience attention and participation. With agenda builders, meeting schedulers, networking tools, and gamification opportunities, 6Connex drives a new level of event engagement.

And 6Connex allows event organizers to create personalized event experiences with artificial intelligence technology that puts audience behavior data into action. The event AI tracks attendee behavior to foster engagement and networking that resonates. You can cater to each attendee’s needs  by connecting like-minded individuals, making real-time suggestions for content downloads, and directing attendees to sponsors’ booths, breakout rooms, sessions, and more. 

Why Should You Work with 6Connex?

6Connex empowers companies worldwide to create a more engaging event experience. From webinars and seminars to complex industry trade shows, 6Connex all-in-one virtual environments are a powerful engine, giving you and your team a SINGLE place to design event venues and touchpoints, align all event stakeholders and participants, centralize event communications, and synchronize event data and reporting. 6Connex partners with leading agencies, technologies, and applications to deliver an unforgettable digital experience that will keep your attendees immersed throughout your entire virtual environment or in-person event and there are no limits to what you can do.  They encourage their customers to take a ‘sky’s the limit’ approach when event planning, and then they challenge themselves to either realize the vision or iterate the vision. Through these exercises, they’ve helped delight event attendees worldwide, whether they’re celebrating commencement or cheering for their favorite football team.     

A 6Connex virtual environment enables event producers to create event experiences that can shapeshift from a traditional event to a media experience, giving it staying power. This event technology enables event producers to offer myriad content formats and engagement opportunities year-round, keeping attendees coming back long after the physical event doors have closed and transforming their events into a continuous lead generation and revenue stream.

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