6 Opportunities to Provide a Branded Experience at Your Next Virtual Event

When you welcome guests into your home, you would like your home and its elements to reflect your identity – the wall color, furniture setup, and even the way your sofa cushions are laid out. At in-person events, organizations go to great lengths to ensure every touchpoint contributes to developing a lasting brand impression. 

So why ease off in the virtual space? Here are 6 ways to deliver a truly branded experience at your next virtual event.

  1. Custom Favicon & URL

Since attendees will be experiencing your event on their browser, it’s important to realize that they might be having at least five tabs open in the browser at a given time. In a sea of tabs, differentiating yourself can be rewarding.

That’s where a custom favicon plays its role. It creates a subtle brand association and makes it easier for attendees to get back to your event. A branded, tailor-made URL goes a long way to reinforce your brand as well.  

  1. Login & Community Banner 

On d-day, the login screen is the first point of interaction every attendee will have with your brand. The reception area is the second. Adorning this with branded banners will help you build the momentum even before the main event or any live session begins. 

  1. Branded Skins

When evaluating the virtual event platform for your next event, see if you can customize the theme with skins that reflect your brand colors. Showcase your logo and its elements in all their glory. No better way to build an instant connection, wouldn’t you agree?

  1. Welcome Video

The traditional way to greet your audience moments before any virtual session starts, was to show a standard message ‘Please wait for your host to start the event’. Most of the leading virtual events platforms now allow you to greet your attendees with a branded video once they’re logged in. It is up to you what you say in this video. You can be funny, intriguing, or informative – your imagination is your limit.

  1. Branded Slide 

During live sessions, ideally, you want your speaker’s video feed to be on throughout. But what happens if the wi-fi lords have other plans? Here’s a simple hack for such situations. Every time the video streaming goes off, replace it with a branded slide. The slide could have your logo, tagline and the context of the session. For sponsored sessions, you can mix it up with the sponsor’s logo as well!

  1. Branded Rooms & Lounges

Last, but definitely not the least, why stop at customizing the event experience just with your own brand. Shine spotlight on your sponsors, enable them to showcase their own brand across meeting rooms and lounges.This will help you drive more revenue, your sponsors will get more coverage, and attendees can be sure they’re at the right table (virtually that is).

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