3D-VR LiVE rebrand as YOONITY,launching CONNECT and EXPLORE platforms

“Yoonity combine cutting edge event tech with unrivalled event expertise – two platforms for virtual events and interactive experiences.”

Yoonity are a collective of event professionals, VR specialists, tech developers and creatives, dedicated to elevating virtual events and experiences to a new level.

Evolving their platforms to provide greater options for virtual events, meetings and immersive experiences, 3D-VR Live have rebranded as Yoonity and renamed their products to mark this evolution.

Yoonity Connect is a flexible virtual events platform with multiple opportunities to connect and populate with content.

Yoonity Explore 360° interactive experiences platform enables you to take your audience anywhere and engage in content rich 3D virtual spaces.

Simple to use for organiser and attendees, Yoonity have two feature-rich customisable platforms, designed with integration throughout. Both platform’s also combine to create a completely unique, unified virtual destination.

A ‘virtual’ event or experience can mean so many things, from a simple stream to a full ‘metaverse’ environment. Sitting at the core of Yoonity’s beliefs is the agility to provide solutions across all formats.

Integration and customisation sit at the top of the user experience and Yoonity continue to push these capabilities. New features and a constant development cycle reflect Yoonity’s desire to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Beyond the technology, Yoonity still provide their fully managed service. With more clients wishing to be self-sufficient they have added additional options for ‘self service’. Clients can choose how much control they have over building and running their own events, safe in the knowledge Yoonity’s team of experts are always on hand when needed.