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Barry Ross Rinehart
Multi Image Group

About speaker

Barry is a professional memory maker. Over the last thirty years Barry has been designing unforgettable multi-sensory 360˚ narrative experiences for and with CEOs and little kids, billionaires and refugees, movie stars and astronauts, scientists and jurors, board members and volunteers, politicians and ordinary citizens from all around the world.
His clients have included: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Discovery Communications, Disney, eBay, Experience Music Project, Exxon, Ford, International Rett Syndrome Foundation, Mars, Microsoft, NASDAQ, National Geographic, Nintendo, PayPal, PBS, Pfizer, Starbucks, United Nations Foundation, World Health Organization, and many more. 
Barry is also an award-winning international speaker who has been giving lively interactive presentations on the neuroscience of multi-sensory and emotional live experiences, how the brain creates memories, and how to romance audiences into long-term relationships at live events, expos, and festivals. 
Barry is also a self-proclaimed neuroscience geek and superhero nerd who enjoys creative collaboration for good causes around the world.

Speaker's Sessions: