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Vincent Nys


About Vincent

Who is Vincent Nys, you may wonder? You can call him many things. He’s not only a passionate 27-year old entrepreneur with a vision and a digital native who lives and breathes technology and innovation. At the same time he’s also the young and successful ceo of NewFusion, a Flemish Digital Media Agency that has quickly grown from a relatively small startup into a successful company that caters to the media and marketing needs of several big brands. By fusing technology and marketing together, NewFusion creates unique and exciting experiences with a personal touch, and designs the necessary tools to tell an electrifying story.
Presentation Future Tech: Welcome to the Digital Age. Let’s shape it together Do you remember all those science fiction movies and tv-shows that showed us a world with breath taking new technology and exciting new possibilities? Flying cars, tiny handheld communication devices, virtual realities and clever robots making our lives easier… Well, that future is now a reality. And it’s all thanks to innovative men and women who dared to think outside the box and reshape the norm, by not being afraid of the unknown. Because it’s only then that true innovation can exist. All it takes is that first step. That’s the reality of the Digital Age we live in. We have shaped and changed society, but it has changed us as well. Consumers today read and watch the same scifi stories and are always eagerly waiting for the next big technological advance to rock their world. Everything has to be better, faster stronger and preferably touchable, swipable ánd pinchable. So we have to ask ourselves: are we ready to live up to that demand? Are we ready to further advance the Digital Age as the new innovators of our generation? We at NewFusion sure are!

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