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Adam Price

Business Development Executive

About Adam

Adam has 20 years experience in business development, this has given him the ability to listen carefully to what clients really want and turn those ideas and concepts into digital solutions.

Adam takes client briefs and the Pixelhouse design team turn them into creative interactive software solutions for use in events and exhibitions. The Pixelhouse team create award winning digital solutions and being part of DB Systems means they have over 25 years of experience behind them. It also means that they have all the AV equipment they need to research and develop new interactives to keep their clients ahead of the game. 

Everybody aspires to find and use the latest technology, DB systems spend over a million pounds per year on the latest technology, but using the latest tech can be expensive. Pixelhouse invest a lot of time in finding new ways of using technology that’s been around for 20 years, in a way that nobody has ever seen it used before. Why not turn a standard touch screen into an object recognition table, or create an interactive video wall from iPads so that delegates can literally take a screen off the wall to delve deeper into your content?

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