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Julie Holmes

Inline Strategy Ltd

About Julie

Julie started her corporate life in the 1990s as a software consultant - implementing ERP systems like JD Edwards, Oracle and Lawson at SMB and enterprise companies in the US and Europe. Over the last 20 years she has built a track record in the B2B technology industry where she's been a quota-carrying sales rep, product manager and a Director of Marketing working at host of companies including Oracle, a tech start-up and niche-leading, Gartner-recognized BI company. 

As an American, Julie has all the confidence and brashness of her fellow countrymen without the ego. She is a powerhouse on the stage and is unapologetic in challenging the status quo as a speaker. When it comes to marketing and sales, she champions her Whole Company Selling™ program with businesses of all sizes, especially those in software and tech. She knows that in the digital economy full of SaaS and subscriptions, customers are always buying so we must always be serving and selling. For events, this means reaching attendees and audiences in new and innovative ways using technology that engages, inspires and incorporates them into our communities.


Speaker's Sessions: