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Company Overview

Are your sales leads 100% GDPR compliant?

Whatever else you may hear about GDPR and it's effect upon the events industry, it will apply, it will be enforced, and the penalties for non compliance are eye watering.  But, with a little planning and forethought it need not cause panic, leave your digital marketing campaigns in ruins or expose you to large fines. If you want to know how your sales leads can be made GDPR compliant, now and going forward pop to stand 414 and let's have a chat.

But who is Vivid Fish?
Vivid Fish is a team of highly skilled inbound marketers and programmers, Vivid Fish is a UK Hubspot Gold Partner and works with a number of inbound marketing software platforms to help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. All done to comply with current GDPR guidelines. We work as a Hubspot partner because it provides a single platform that both our personnel and customers understand and can use to maximum effect. It allows micro management of campaigns and real time management to maximise performance.