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Company Overview

Get attendees more involved than ever.

The Appendee event app covers all essential functionalities to keep your attendees informed best during events. Next to the Essentials we have integrated a live audience response system (polls) to make sure attendees will be involved like never before.
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Special ETL announcement/pre-order
The event app landscape is changing due to Apple’s new restrictions on the approval of white label apps in the App Store. We will launch our new Appendee Unite app in January 2018 together with some useful new modules:

• Push notifications
Get the attention of attendees by sending push notifications for news, messages, program alerts and more...

• News module
Make sure attendees are up to date with the latest news or interesting insights before, during and after the event.

• Bulletin board
Let people share and respond to interesting stories or start discussions about hot and trending topics.

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Team Members

Jasper van Blerk
Derrick Stomp