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Company Overview

We Supply Event Apps for Conferences, Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Our aim is to reduce all the friction traditionally associated with having an event app. We know how busy Event Organisers are but we also know how keen they are to provide a rich and engaging experience for their attendees, whilst at the same time ensuring they maximise commercial success. So how do we help Event Organisers achieve these goals?

Free interactive prototypeFirstly we’ll save you time by creating a prototype customised to your show so you can get a hands-on feel for all the benefits the app has to offer, allowing you to make an informed decision before going ahead.

White Glove Service Forget about starting from scratch. We'll create your online account and load in all the content you have available (design assets, exhibitor details, conference schedules, speaker profiles, event highlights, floor plans etc.) before handing over to you to make subsequent ad-hoc updates. We will always be available to support you if you need any further guidance.

Beacon and Push messaging Effective targeted messaging is as much about location as it is about timing. Engage with your attendees when and where appropriate via the app.

Exhibitor Plus Programme – We provide a set of features which you can upsell to your exhibitors, allowing them the opportunity to promote themselves via the app and for you to gain an additional revenue stream. We charge a simple fixed fee per programme entrant and you can charge partners whatever you like.

Branded content management system – Your brand is one of your biggest assets. Maximise exposure with our white label content management system. Your show partners will be able to log in and see your brand throughout their journey.

Fixed, clear pricing – We publish our pricing with no hidden costs allowing you to keep your budgets in check. 
Pop by Stand 4 (near to the exit) for a quick demo and enter our competition to take home a free Apple Watch. 


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